“A Social Media Marketing and Web Design company you can trust!”

“And they won’t break the bank!”

30 Days Later is here to help you grow in your local community, by getting your business found EVERYWHERE online, generating more reviews, and getting you more customers.

And remember you do not need just a website or social media account. You need someone that knows how to play the game, and plays it well. But most importantly you need someone that knows you, and knows your company! Because you and your company do amazing thing, we’re here to make sure the rest of the world knows it!

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Facebook Management Doesn't have to break the bank!Social Media does not need to break the bank, many companies will not even list their prices online for social media management, they want you to email them and waste your time. 30 Days Later, will never waste your time.

Updating your website yourself!

You know your website needs a face lift but you don’t want to buy another website, for more than you did the first website, and still have nothing change! No longer do you have to email your web developer to make small changes to your website, YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! But do not worry, we are here for all the big things, and we will be emailing you every week!

Grow you company with YouTube

Television advertisement do not only cost a TON of money to make, but they also cost a TON of money to put on the air! And how do you know that the person watching that commercial even is interested in your product? Grow you company with YouTube

Make ALL of your images match!

Has you logo been passed around so many times that you can barely make it out? Do not worry, we will HD that graphic and hold on to it like it was our own! When you need Business Cards, Event Flyers, Welcome Letters, Invoices, or Merchandise designed we have your logo, and it will look amazing!

Richard ReynoldsSocial Media and Web Design for Small Business: 30 Days Later, Scarborough, Maine